Successful Recovery Starts with an Continuing Care Plan

From your first day our staff will assist you in developing your Continuing Care plan. We believe the transition from treatment to ongoing recovery should be seamless, identifying constant sources of support in the recovery community, especially in the first two years of recovery. Our Continuing Care program bridges that gap, equipping you with the skills and tools you need to be successful.

Benefits of Continuing Care

Once you leave the supportive, structured environment of a residential treatment center, finding the desire to stay sober may seem difficult.
Peer support is one of the most important factors in continuing your sobriety after treatment. There are many opportunities such as 12-Step meetings and alumni meetings.
Relapse prevention training is one of the most effective ways to cope with high-risk situations like emotional stress, social temptation and cravings.

We've Partnered with WEconnect!

Innovative technology that puts Continuing Care in the palm of your hand.
Simple, daily and weekly view helps you stay on track.
WEconnect encourages communication between you and your recovery network.
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Check in on goals and see how far you’ve come.
Instant and consistent alerts for achievements and communication to help you stay on track.
In preparation for a successful discharge, the Oasis Renewal Center provides an initial subscription to the WEconnect Recovery smartphone app. During your treatment, we will be working closely with you to create your Continuing Care plan and integrate it within this mobile based application. In doing so, you have the advantage of keeping your Continuing Care routines with you at all times to reference and utilize. These routines will be set up in three distinct categories: Support, Clarity, and Connections.
Support routines are designed to be your recovery aftercare foundation. Examples include: group sessions, therapy, church, 12-step meetings, etc.
Clarity routines are designed to serve a supportive role and play a vital role in your well-being. Examples include: meditation, exercise, journaling, prayer, gratitude list, etc.
Your Connections are your fans and supporters throughout your recovery. Examples of connections include: friends, family, sponsor, partner, etc.
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A happy and joyful life in recovery can be yours.