Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about treatment

What is the average length of stay at Oasis Renewal Center?

While treatment is individualized, most residents are at the facility between 4-6 weeks.

How does treatment progress at Oasis Renewal Center?

Generally, there are three phases of treatment at the Oasis Renewal Center.

Level 1: This 1-2 week phase is designed to identify and assess areas of concern, while establishing a routine to promote physical and mental stabilization. Structure is emphasized during this phase of self-exploration with a goal of gaining a greater level of self-awareness and understanding. Professional staff assists in the development of a plan for attaining the desired goals of the individual in treatment.

Level 2: This 1-2 week level of care is designed to provide knowledge and develop skills for managing the addictive disorders. An emphasis is placed on spirituality and the practical steps involved in living drug/alcohol free.

Level 3: This 1-2 week level of care focuses on stabilization and finalizing a workable plan as developed by the individual in treatment with assistance from the counselor, for maintaining and managing recovery once the person transitions back into a less nurturing environment.

What if detoxification is needed before admission at Oasis Renewal Center?

Medical stability is a criterion for admission to the Oasis however staff at the Oasis will assist in arranging detoxification services with a local hospital if needed.

What if I’m on prescribed medication at Oasis Renewal Center?

For all medication, confirmation is required that the prescribing physician is aware of the substance use disorder. The Oasis Renewal Center’s Psychiatrist meets with each person during the initial phase of treatment to review medication. The Oasis “monitors” but does not “administer” medication. All medication will be locked in a secured place and may be taken as prescribed and observed by a member of the staff.

What about privacy at Oasis Renewal Center?

With over 48 acres, the Oasis provides a remote, quiet atmosphere, away from normal daily intrusions.  The Oasis staff is highly trained on federal confidentiality laws and ethics. Privacy is discussed at admission with individuals and their families.

What is available for meals at Oasis Renewal Center?

Our Executive Chef develops an appetizing and healthy menu that we are sure you will enjoy.  Special dietary requirements can usually be accommodated.

Phone Calls?

Phone calls are made with your assigned treatment coach in their office. No additional calls may be made or received unless scheduled by your Treatment Coach and determined necessary for treatment. Cell phone use is prohibited on campus.


You may send and receive mail daily. The return address is 14913 Cooper Orbit Road, Little Rock, AR 72223


Family visits begin the second Sunday of your stay at the Oasis Renewal Center. Visits must be scheduled and consistent with established treatment goals. Family members under the age of 18 may not visit unless approved by the Treatment Team. Family members may not be at the lodge or in a dormitory during a scheduled visit, unless accompanied by an Oasis staff member. A family workshop is held every Sunday from 1:00-2:00 and visitation (if approved) is held each Sunday from 2:00-4:00.  Family may drop off items to residents during business hours during the week.

Family Treatment

Family counseling is encouraged as a part of your overall treatment. Family members are encouraged to attend Al-Anon meetings and may be required to do so to be authorized for visitation.