Oasis honors Columbus Abrams’ memory with app
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Oasis honors Columbus Abrams’ memory with app

May 15th, 2018

Oasis Renewal Center today dedicated their groundbreaking partnership with WEconnect, an innovative technology platform that helps patients stay sober from drugs and alcohol, to the memory of Columbus Abrams.

Columbus had 38 years of sobriety and supported thousands with words of encouragement and celebration through his “birthday ministry.” For the last 26 years, Columbus called well over 5,000 people each year to celebrate their birthday, sobriety milestones, and anniversaries. Columbus was extremely thoughtful and always found opportunities to help others and spread joy.

Oasis becomes the first treatment center in Arkansas to partner with the Seattle-based technology company and joins leading treatment providers around the nation who leverage WEconnect as a vital tool to help patients stay sober, monitor progress, and gain vital measurable outcomes data on patient recovery.

Recognizing the need for technology to monitor patient progress, the Oasis Renewal Center looks to build on our already high addiction treatment success rate through the extension of care WEconnect’s innovative platform provides.

  1. Innovative Mobile Application – Patients maintain sustained recovery via a mobile application based on behavioral techniques scientifically proven to improve quality of life. Patients complete recovery-related tasks to earn real-world rewards such as Starbucks gift cards, yoga and fitness classes.
  2. Connection -The application is provided to patients during treatment and allows them to communicate with loved ones, peers in recovery, counselors, and 12 step support group sponsors on a daily basis.
  3. Cost Savings & Improved Patient Outcomes – Treatment providers and drug courts across the nation leverage the WEconnect platform to monitor patient progress and adjust treatment plans accordingly.
  4. Verified Accountability – GPS, geo-fencing, and accelerometers on the patient facing mobile interface provide industry-leading outcomes data and accuracy.
  5. Verified Outcomes Data – An enterprise web-based data dashboard provides data visualization, reporting and analytics on verified outcomes for treatment providers allowing them to maintain compliance with national certification entities such as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).