“Before coming to Oasis my life was in a downward spiral as a result of alcohol and drugs. The caring staff at Oasis helped me get sober and taught me the skills needed to remain sober after treatment. I’m now coming up on three years of sobriety and my life is better than it has ever been.  All of the thanks goes out to this beautiful facility and its wonderful staff for showing me the way. I can’t imagine a better place to begin this journey.”-Oasis Client 2017
“I used to think that I needed alcohol and drugs to live my life to the fullest and I was wrong. I have over two years of sobriety and I cannot imagine going back to my drinking and drugging days. Since I left treatment from Oasis Renewal Center, I graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts. I made the Deans list and Chancellors list with my 4.0 GPA the last semester and summer sessions. I am currently employed and have kept a job for over a year now. I am currently working on my Masters in Public Administration and I plan on graduating Fall 2018. Best part for me about being sober is being happy. I am thankful of the staff at Oasis who helped me during my recovery. I am also thankful for my family and friends who have supported me through this. If I can leave anyone with good advice I will say this: I wake up every morning and tell myself I am not going to drink today, don’t worry about the future just worry about today.” 04/23/2017

“Though experienced in recovery and relapse, I was able to add skills such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its practical application, build additional 12-step program knowledge and  education on regaining spiritual growth, and attain psychiatric help through an observant therapist and through a psychiatrist specializing in addiction.  The enhanced hiking trails with prayer and meditation areas coupled with a lake, stream, and waterfalls highlighted my treatment center experience.  It helped me connect with something bigger than me.  Through an experienced professional staff using an approach dedicated to my personal needs I was able to start my return to life with dignity and more importantly SERENITY.” Oasis Client 1/2016

“My stay at the Oasis was nothing but great from start to finish.  It starts from when you walk in the door, all the office staff make you feel at home and will do anything for you.  The atmosphere is great, the cabins, views are unreal, more like a resort.  The food is excellent, you will gain weight.  The instructors are very caring, upbeat, energetic, and very knowledgeable about what they do.  Oasis is the place to go if you are ready to get control of your addiction.  You won’t regret it one moment.  The staff, food, surroundings, and atmosphere all top anything, anywhere. A+++++”  Oasis Client 2/2016

“Prior to my admittance to the Oasis Renewal Center, I had the luxury of being able to research a variety of drug and alcohol treatment programs in the south central region.  The reason I mention this is that it was not a forced or mandated decision.  I compared centers based on professional services, accommodations, and of course price.  I choose Oasis for the following reasons: 1) Staff, staff, staff! I cannot say enough about the staff at the Oasis.  They were very thorough regarding the treatment program, housing, and financial matters.  They took their time with me, answering my many questions. Never did I feel pressured or problematic. The staff was very professional and courteous. I truly felt that they had my best interest at heart. 2) The property is cloaked in peace and serenity.  It is a very beautiful campus and is a very easy place to reset mentally and spiritually.  I was able to totally unplug from the day to day concerns of home and work, giving me the ability to focus on my addiction issues.  3) The recovery program was all I expected.  It was intense at times, but appropo.  I feel like I have the knowledge and tools to aid me in my recovery journey upon completion of my stay here. 4)Last, but not least, “financial commitment”. In my comparison of treatment centers regarding price, I found the level of treatment vs. price to be the best value at Oasis-by far.

All in all, I have no regrets about my decision to place my trust in ORC. While no treatment center can guarantee a successful recovery, I would refer and trust Oasis with my family and friends, knowing they would be faithfully treated with professionalism, respect, and care. – Oasis Client 2016

“My experience at Oasis was truly a blessing. From the first call I made, asking for information until the moment I departed, I felt cared for. My recovery was the staff’s first priority. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. I would tell anyone who feels they need a program in which they can focus on their recovery to come here.  The Oasis will meet their needs and exceed their expectations.  The Oasis is a peaceful atmosphere where you can focus on your recovery. I will continue to be connected with Oasis because they honestly believed in me.  I respect and love what they are accomplishing here in a community in which there is a dire need for this type of treatment.” – Oasis Client 2/2015

“This is my first rehab, so I have nothing else to compare it to. That being said, I  commend all the staff for their courteous and professional attitude in helping and guiding their clients back to a right path.  On a daily basis, most of my time was spent with the two team coaches,  they are both in recovery,  which I found  extremely helpful and encouraging. When you are seeking help and receiving it from someone who has shared your pain and guilt, it just means more to you. It seems more heartfelt when you know they also,  have walked in your shoes and hit rock bottom.  Rita is a Godsend, plus a hoot. Bottom line, I felt that I was given the tools and knowledge to turn my life around and be a solid citizen once again after leaving  the Oasis.” -Oasis Client 3/2015

“My experience at Oasis has been worth every minute of  time here learning about my addiction disease. Even after three weeks, I felt a change for the better. I owe that change experience to the staff, especially to my treatment coach Heather, and fellow clients. I feel very confident that I will have the appropriate tools to utilize when I leave. My number one director is God and I will surrender to him each and everyday, I will be victorious and know my experience at the Oasis has contributed to that victory.” – Oasis Client 3/2015

“My experience at the Oasis was the most effective and rewarding time in my life’s journey to recovery. All staff were very professional and compassionate towrds the struggling clients. I’m so grateful for the informative literature provided in our groups,  that are a result of all the hard work invested by the treatment coaches. This is the place to be if you are ready to change the course of your life and be taught by the very best!” -Oasis Client 3/2015

“The Oasis has quite simply been a life changer. I’ve been in other treatment centers before, but they only treated my addiction and alcoholism. The Oasis has been a completely different experience. Not only was my substance abuse treated, but the group therapy and individual counseling were crucial in my recovery. The treatment coaches and therapists helped identify the underlying issues that had always prevented me from recovering fully.  I left the Oasis with not only 30+ days of sobriety, but a much greater understanding of how to stay that way. My recovery isn’t complete….I believe it has just begun!”  -Oasis Client 04/2015

“When making the decision to come to the Oasis Renewal Center, I had no idea how welcoming and comfortable it really would be. This is a peaceful environment that enhanced my recovery in many ways.  The food was absolutely wonderful. The staff was well balanced, and very good at what they each did.  This was definitely NOT what I expected rehab to be like.  I am leaving not only sober and healthy physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. The serenity the Oasis has brought me is beyond words, and I will never forget this place and the person it has taught me to be.”  -Oasis Client 05/2015

“The Oasis Renewal Center provides a peaceful and tranquil environment to receive treatment.  The rustic lodge and cabins fit nicely within the natural beauty of the campus.  I immediately was able to focus on my substance abuse without the normal stresses and pressures of life.  The first thing that impressed me was how motivated the Oasis staff was to help me with my addiction.  The Oasis Renewal Center provided me with a treatment coach that I met with regularly to go over things I was struggling with, and to guide me thru early  recovery.  I was assigned to an individual therapist and a group therapist so that I could become aware of and begin to work on my co-occurring issues.  Oasis provided me with an excellent foundation for my sober future.” -Oasis Client 06/2015

“Prior to admitting to Oasis, I was a chronic relapser.  I had been abusing alcohol for years, had stopped many times, sometimes for a year or more.  At Oasis, I was taught the tools to combat the real problems, both physical and mental.  The Treatment team guided me and I drew my own conclusions, which were:  I had built my life around resentments and addiction.  I have never felt more empowered and confident that I will finally begin a true recovery, because of my treatment at Oasis.  This is the first treatment center I have attended.  Had I known treatment was so effective, I would have done this years ago!” – Oasis Client 07/2015

“At Oasis, the level of care from start to finish is exceptional.  With a treatment coach, personal therapist, group therapist, Psychiatrist, and daily group sessions, I have received a solid foundation of recovery with enough tools to continue on a lifelong road to recovery.”  -Oasis Client 08/2015

“The grounds at Oasis, with lakes, trails, beautiful birds, and open atmosphere provide the perfect environment for recovery. The Staff is dedicated to helping the clients and their families understand the disease of addiction by offering individual and family sessions with experienced therapists.  The group process therapy is significant in discovering issues that keep addicts and alcoholics using.  The Treatment Coaches help clients through every aspect of their recovery.  For anyone suffering from alcoholism or the disease of addiction, Oasis provides the setting, tools, and staff to establish a firm foundation towards a happy and sober life.” -Oasis Client 9/2015

“Through the years of vicious alcoholism, I have struggled thru the endless cycle of detox centers and treatment facilities.  I came to the end of my road.  It was either get sober or die a painful death.  I didn’t want to die.  When I came to and was accepted into the Oasis,  I knew it was a God thing.  I can say with absolute certainty that Oasis is hands down the best place in Arkansas for the treatment of alcohol & drug addiction.  The staff at the Oasis has done their homework and really know what they are doing.  I would recommend the Oasis to anyone struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.”  -Oasis Client 10/2015

“One of the reasons I was skeptical about entering any rehabilitation program was the fear it would be a waste of time.  Since being here, I have been treated by the most caring and knowledgeable staff one could hope for.  I have learned so much about myself, my disease, and gained tools for recovery that AA alone could not give me.  I was very impressed how each client received their own, personal treatment plan.  Each individual was treated for their own separate issues.  I believe Oasis was the perfect program, settled in the perfect setting, with the most wonderful staff. Oh, and the food is wonderful! – Oasis client 11/2015

“When I first got to Oasis Renewal Center I did not know what to expect, I just knew that I needed help.  My drinking had gotten progressively worse over the past decade.  Drinking had become the number one priority in my life, but I still had found it difficult to admit that I was an alcoholic.  I showed up at Oasis and immediately realized that this could be a place that might be able to help me.  I could not stop drinking on my own.  The setting here is beautiful and relaxing, and I quickly realized that this wasn’t a 30 day “prison sentence.”  The entire staff at Oasis is extremely professional and not once did I feel embarrassed or ashamed about myself or my addiction.  I received information about how to take the first steps towards recovery, to forgive myself, and get closer to my higher power, to not look back or into the future, but to concentrate on the day that God has blessed me with.  Most importantly, I gained the knowledge and tools here that I needed to prevent a relapse and to manage my life.  I highly recommend Oasis for any addict or alcoholic who wants to truly turn their lives around!”  Oasis Client 12/2015

“Oasis provides a refreshing venue for recovering addicts located in Central Arkansas.  The premises includes nature trails, stocked ponds, and beautiful cottage style log cabins for clients to bunk during residential treatment.  An amazing staff all trained in addiction studies with a one on one treatment coach for each client,  as well as a chef who prepares and serves all meals are just the beginning of things that put Oasis at the top of my list.  I am extremely thankful for Oasis staff’s role in my road to recovery.  I couldn’t have done it without them.”  Oasis Client 12/2015

“I believe that my time at Oasis has literally saved my life.  I arrived hopeless, lost, and full of resentment.  The program has not only helped me achieve sobriety, but also helped me improve every facet of my life.  It teaches humility,humbleness, and how to build character.  Most of all, this place has given me hope and the tools I need to conquer my disease and remain healthy.  The staff is as wonderful as the land is beautiful and the food is excellent.  There is no better place in Arkansas to recover from alcoholism and addiction.” Oasis Client 12/2015


“Oasis taught me to become selfish about my sobriety and I have found deep love for my inner self that has been drowning for many years. The great staff continuously provides us with tools and resources but makes sure that we (the clients) do all the work. I leave today knowing that I have found a great support system and a place that I will always visit to help support our new members.” – Oasis Client, 01/2014

“If not for my last stop at Oasis my life would be in ruins.  Upon Arrival I found a caring and sympathetic staff with knowledge of addiction and a solution for me, if I would only follow a few suggestions. I had some of the best groups ( Educational Group and Process Group) you could ask for. The Facility is excellent, the cabins are clean and comfortable, the food is great and the  surroundings wonderful.” – Oasis Client 01/2014

“All of the staff at Oasis have been extremely kind, courteous and helpful during my entire stay here. The comfort level at the Oasis, along with the guidance of my counselor, treatment coach, and support of the other clients, has helped me to open up about my feelings and emotions more than I ever thought I could. With their help, I have learned a great deal about myself that I was not conscious of. With the help and guidance of God I have learned how to deal with, and discard my negative emotions and have a positive God-guided attitude toward others and life in general. I would like to thank all at Oasis Renewal Center for giving me a new direction in life.”   –Oasis Client, 03/ 2014

“The Oasis Renewal Center was exactly what I needed to begin my recovery journey. I had previously tried and failed to quit on my own using the AA Program. The group sessions, education, and tools provided thru the Oasis Treatment Program along with the AA steps have given me a strong foundation for the start of my recovery and success going forward. The safe and relaxing setting and environment is just the welcome mat.” – Oasis Client ,04/2014

“As a first timer, I was reluctant to enter treatment. The staff and clients were very welcoming, and I did begin to feel more comfortable. With each passing group/meeting/activity, I began to understand more about my illness. I was given tools and education to combat my disease and fight my way back to a healthy lifestyle. After discharge, I’ve continued to receive support, knowledge, and encouragement through the outpatient treatment and look forward to my weekly visits.” – Oasis Client, 03/2014

“When I hit bottom and was completely hopeless, desperate, out of options and looking for anything to hold onto; I came to Oasis as what I thought to be a last chance effort. What I found here was compassion, understanding, guidance and a positive new outlook on life and myself altogether, not to mention a swarm of life-long friends. There is not a better atmosphere for recovery anywhere in the state of Arkansas, and the program and staff are second to none. There is something very special at the Oasis, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. It is my hope that you will go and find out for yourself.” – Oasis Client, 05/2014

“What a unique and serene rehabilitation center the Oasis is! I needed desperately to get inpatient help for my addiction. I went on the internet, called the Oasis, and came to check in, sight unseen, within a week. I immediately felt relief, and a sense of being where I needed to be. The staff is warm and caring. They gently guide us to the knowledge and understanding of how to deal with our addiction. Staff members give us a large assortment of beneficial tools to help us cope. The accommodations are large rustic cabins, nestled into what reminds me of a conservation area. Beautiful, peaceful, grounds with trails, and plenty of God’s creatures to observe. Each cabin is divided into 4 separate bedrooms which can house two clients each. The rooms have their own bathroom and shower. Meals are delicious and healthy, prepared by an accomplished chef 3 times a day. Clients are served in a dining room overlooking one of 3 small lakes, it is an awesome dining experience.  We had time for learning, meditating, praying, and sharing. Clients work closely with the staff. I found the results and experience to be life changing. The Oasis was a godsend to me.”  -Oasis Client, 06/2014

“I came to Oasis sight unseen and with no expectation. When I arrived I was surprised by the beauty and tranquility of this place, beautiful trees, and lakes with geese floating on it. Although I was anxious and stressed when I arrived, the staff welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. My time here has been a real learning experience. The sobriety coaches taught us about the disease. Alcoholism is a disease, not a choice. The purpose of the groups and classes is to teach you about the disease and to give you new skills to cope with it, there is no cure so you must learn to live with it.The group and class work is based on AA’s 12-steps, which is a God based plan for sobriety and a new way of life. I have enjoyed my time here and feel certain I can use the tools I have learned to remain sober.” -Oasis Client, 07/2014

“I came into Oasis Renewal Center  a very sick and lost individual. I was scared that my life would never be what I  envisioned it would be; full, spiritual, healthy and happy. Immediately upon my arrival at Oasis, I felt welcomed and at home. The staff and clients went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and not alone. I received all the tools I need to help me get my life back to what I dreamed it could be. I will be forever grateful for this experience and chance at a sober life.” -Oasis Client, 08/2014

“I choose the Oasis for the quiet and peaceful setting it offered. The classes/groups I attended were full of helpful information that guided me to the right path for recovery. The personal, individual treatment the coaches offer address each clients specific needs. I feel like the Oasis Team has given me my life back.  I would recommend Oasis to anyone who is struggling with an addiction problem.”  -Oasis Client 09/2014

“I came out from California to be at Oasis Renewal Center, and it was the best decision I could have made.  I believe this place truly saved my life.  The staff is awesome and helped me get back on the right path.  I would not recommend any other treatment center over this one.  The property is beautiful and is as relaxing an environment as it can get for recovery.  I received the tools and way of thinking needed to face my addiction on a day to day basis that have helped me grown into a better man.  I owe everything I have gotten in recovery to Oasis. -Oasis client 09/2014

“My recovery began when I walked through the doors at Oasis. My knowledge of my inner self is stronger because of the groups here, processing with my peers, and the education notes from groups with Oscar and Heather. The team of treatment specialists here opened doors to the emotional junk  I need to address, to continue this wonderful road to recovery. I recognize that I am not unique in the wreckage from my past, I must address it, never forget it, but move on from it. This is such a peaceful & healing place!”  – Oasis Client, 10/2014

“I knew my life was out of control with my drug use. A thought came to me one day and I said out loud, while looking up at the sky; I wish I could just get away from all this and go to a cabin somewhere in the woods, somewhere without a phone or TV,  and get myself together! Little did I know  a few months later, my sister-in-law found the Oasis, and I applied. I promptly received a call from the staff. The staff is very nice and does everything they can to make your stay comfortable. I truly believe that a Higher Power  was listening when I spoke my thoughts out loud that day. Not only did I get my cabin in the woods, there are also trails and lakes and even a waterfall. It’s truly a beautiful place for treatment. I feel like they gave me the tools for recovery that I can use in all aspects of my life.” – Oasis Client, 11/2014

“Although I was not forced into treatment by anyone, like many before me, I was a bit nervous of the unknown journey that my life would take in sobriety. From the minute I walked through the door at Oasis things in my life begin to change, in a positive way.  From the very beginning, the staff made me feel welcome and right at home. At my first group session, I began to understand  other Oasis clients were suffering with the same disease , Alcoholism.  The stories they shared were very similar to mine and some the exact same as mine. That understanding gave me the comfort and support that I needed early on. I knew God had put me in the right place. The BIG lesson I learned was: The most awesome place I could be was where I was willing to have an open mind, heart, and  accept I have a disease,  it was out of control , and that my life had become unmanageable.  The staff and other clients were loving, kind, and truly cared about me and my recovery. Not only did they care about me, but they cared about my families recovery too.  I like to say that Oasis is NOT a rehab facility, it is truly a treatment center to restart your life. The lessons I have learned and the new tools I’m now equipped with, have put me on solid ground for my new journey thru sobriety. My biggest inspiration during my time at Oasis was my Treatment Coach, Oscar and my Therapist, David. The entire staff is unbelievable but these are the two people that I shared my deepest thoughts with and they were without judgement. I have made new life long friends in my recovery group that will become a large part of my ongoing recovery.  The Chef, David is incredible. His meals are awesome and are served with love and kindness on every plate. The only regret I have is that I didn’t know about this life changing place sooner. Come start your new life today!” – Oasis Client 12/2014

“Treatment at Oasis has not only taught me ways to stay sober, and great tools, I have also found my faith again, along with who I am and who I want to become. After showing up here I’ve learned that I used to be a follower, now I’m becoming a leader. The staff is very professional and great at what they do. Oscar was an excellent treatment coach. It is beautiful and spiritual here. I would highly recommend!” -Oasis Client 12/2014

“The thirty days I spent at Oasis were life changing. I found the beautiful natural setting so very tranquil –conductive to reflection and contemplation. Our living quarters were attractive and comfortable. The dining room was lovely, the meals incredible. The complete lack of unpleasant distraction was wonderful! But most important was the staff- at ALL levels- and the other “guests”. The staff’s gentle insistence that we read, study, attend counseling, interact with group discussions and activities was something I resisted at first, but quickly came to appreciate and even enjoy. The opportunity to be so open with people who showed compassion, friendship and even love, was my salvation. My family spent the 12 days I was in detox, visiting rehab facilities and all were convinced that Oasis would be the best for my recovery. I confess, even as we were driving through the gate I was already planning a trip to the liquor store for the moment I left. Well, that didn’t happen. The staff was insistent that we have plans for maintaining sobriety upon our departure. After over four decades of steady drinking I am now grateful to say that it’s been over four months since I’ve had a drink and I could not have done this without the Oasis Renewal Center.” —Oasis Client, 10/2013

“I came to treatment at Oasis to get away from the pressures of the world so that I could make sobriety my number one priority and focus on healing the inner turmoil and character defects that led me to drink time and time again. Not only did I find a safe haven in which I could recover at Oasis, I found peace and acceptance that I had been searching for my entire life. In Oasis, I got a solid foundation to begin my new way of life and the tools to live a happy and sober life. For that, I am truly grateful.” –former Oasis Client, 11/2012

“If you are serious about treatment, sobriety, and a new life of serenity and joy, Oasis is where it begins. I left here on Christmas Day, at 43 years old I’ve enjoyed the best Christmas of my life!” –Oasis Client, 12/2013

“My Son received his 90 day coin yesterday, is back in school, working hard and appears to be centered on the right things in life. Words cannot express my gratefulness for Oasis and the role each of you had in introducing my son to a sober way of living!! Thank you for all the love, guidance, and strength you shared with my son. He was a train wreck when you got him, and today he is grounded, determined, and full of hope.” –Parent of Oasis client, 12/2013


“The Oasis is precisely what its name suggests: a beautiful, comfortable, luxurious safe haven for those of us who must get away from the rest of the world for a while and into the care of consummate professionals. As a middle-aged attorney who had been through rehab once before, I was skeptical. In the last program, I went through the motions, paying lip service to the suggestions of counselors, not really believing I had to, or actually could stop drinking. But I had a feeling the Oasis would be different from the start. It took little more than a drive onto the amazing lakeside premises, a tour of the rustic log cabins, the first meal by the facility’s truly gourmet chef and immediate meetings with the center’s kind and insightful counselors for me to recognize this place might be the answer. The clients were the other clue. Addiction treatment is strongly influenced by the interaction within the group of alcoholics and addicts. I gained an instant rapport with the clients at the Oasis even though some were many years my junior. They had a great attitude, a serious commitment to recovery and an openness and tolerance that I hadn’t expected. That is probably because the Oasis, unlike most programs I’ve heard about, accepts only those who are voluntarily seeking treatment. The counseling sessions, run by truly dedicated individuals, were tremendous. I left the program with such an upbeat attitude and confidence in the tools I had been given. I’m five months sober and am so grateful to the Oasis for facilitating that result.”  – Oasis Client, 08/2013