Terence Gorski’s “Relapse Warning Signs”

The Holidays can be a stressful time for people in recovery. Here are some warning signs to look out for to prevent a relapse, taken from Terence Gorski’s “Relapse Warning Signs”. Educate yourself about what can contribute to a relapse in order to protect your sobriety!
Phase 1 – Addicts and Alcoholics want to look like we are keeping it together on the outside, even though we are feeling unsteady on the inside….. this is a warning sign. In times of stress we sometimes let our program slide to the back burner, deep down we feel guilty because we know we aren’t prioritizing by putting our program first.

Phase 2 – Denial, not talking about feelings to others.

Phase 3 – Avoidance and Defensiveness, worrying about others sobriety more than our own, to deflect.

Phase 4 – Crisis Building- have tunnel vision, cannot see the big picture, mild depression sets in, overreacting to and mismanagement of problems.

Phase 5 – Immobilization; feel trapped and not willing to do anything to get out of it.

Phase 6 – Confusion and Overreaction, have difficulty managing feelings and emotions, irritable, easily angered.

Phase 7 – Depression, thinking about suicide, using or drinking as a way out of the depression.

Phase 8 – Behavioral Loss of Control, irregular meeting attendance, “I don’t care” attitude.

Phase 9 – Recognition of Loss of Control, lying, loss of self- confidence, self-pity and thoughts of social drinking, and drug use.

Phase 10 – Option Reduction- discontinues all attendance at 12-step meetings, feeling overwhelmed and lonely.

Phase 11 – Alcohol & Drug Use, back to using and/or drinking.

This is a very brief recap of the warning signs please click here to see the full relapse & warning signs by Terence Gorski http://www.tgorski.com/gorski_articles/levels_of_rws%20010506.htm