Ready for Reddit

As anyone in recovery knows, Recovery Support can come from many sources. A recent newspaper article prompted my thoughts on just how grateful I am of the recent expansion of this safety net. Since we are located in the capitol city of our state, it’s easy to take for granted the accessibility to 12-step meetings and other traditional addiction therapy.

Enter Reddit, an online chat room forum or bulletin board system, where registered users can submit content. StopDrinking is a platform within Reddit devoted to people who are recovering alcoholics and addicts. The forum is a peer-based support program. How cool!

It can be used in a number of ways: to supplement those already attending 12-step meetings; for those who live in a rural areas with few 12-step meetings available; or just added support at your fingertips 24/7. StopDrinking offers daily check-ins, often helpful in the ever important accountability wellhouse. For those who cannot get past the stigma of public meetings just yet, StopDrinking offers a truly anonymous way to get help and connect with others struggling with the same issue.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism estimates that 14% of all American adults are problem drinkers. A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. At the Oasis Renewal Center, we recognize that and will actively help you find what will work for you.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with Alcohol, the Oasis Renewal Center may be able to help. Give us a call 501.376.2747