substance abuse treatment

Substance Abuse  Treatment

Alcoholism and Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment Arkansas

Substance abuse treatment services consist of both individual sessions with a licensed behavioral health professional and process group sessions daily. Residential clients receive psychiatric evaluations and care during their episode of treatment.  The groups provide an opportunity for peer interaction in working the first 5 steps of the 12-step program and the individual sessions provide an opportunity for work privately in more depth. Education, speaker meetings, assignments and skill-building exercises are a part of the substance abuse treatment milieu available to address individual issues.

The Oasis Renewal Center has available HealthSim’s Therapeutic Education System (TES), an interactive, computer-based system providing behavioral training to individuals in substance abuse  treatment. This innovative approach was developed by Dr. Warren Bickel and Dr. Lisa Marsh and includes over 70 modules with topics including: effective problem solving, drug/drinking refusal skills, identifying & managing triggers for risky drug and/or alcohol use, managing thoughts about using and/or drinking, decision-making skills, increasing self-confidence in decision-making, healthy alternatives to drug use, time management, sharing feelings, attentive listening, communication skills, giving and receiving compliments, giving criticism, receiving criticism, nonverbal communication, anger management, coping with anger, relaxation training, relaxation generalization, managing negative thinking, insomnia, financial management, relationship counseling, vocational counseling and treatment termination.

What about physical problems?
While a criterion for admission is that the individual be medically and psychiatrically stable, both medical and psychiatric assessments are included in the initial phase of care to review routine medical/psychiatric issues. Should an emergency arise during substance abuse treatment, the Oasis will refer to an appropriate physician or hospital.

What if detoxification is needed?
Medical stability is a criterion for admission to the Oasis however staff at the Oasis will assist in arranging detoxification services with a local hospital if needed.

What if I’m on prescribed medication?
For all medication, confirmation is required that the prescribing physician is aware of the substance use disorder. The Oasis Renewal Center Medical Director meets with each person during the initial phase of substance abuse treatment to review medication. The Oasis “monitors” but does not “administer” medication. All medication will be locked in a secured place and may be taken as prescribed and observed by a member of the staff.

Below is a list of items to bring and not bring with you upon admission:

What you must bring:
1. Proof of identification (driver’s license, etc.).
2. Insurance card (if we are billing insurance) or payment for services.
3. Prescription medication in original bottles to last 30 days.

Other items you will need and may bring:
1. Personal items (tooth brush, deodorant, makeup, insect repellent, etc.)
2. Comfortable clothing. . . jeans, sturdy shoes, etc.
3. AA or NA Books
4. Recovery or spiritual books
5. Non-prescription medications such as aspirin, antacids, multi-vitamins, etc.
6. Paper, envelopes, stamps
7. Fishing equipment
8. Drinks and snacks i.e. sodas or juice, candy and chips and water bottles
9. Laundry Detergent
10. Laundry Bag
11. Hangers
12. Alarm Clock without Radio
13. Umbrella/Rain gear

What you may not bring:

Items confiscated that were brought in without permission will not be returned!!
1. Valuables (ORC is not responsible for anything that is lost/stolen or items left when you are discharged)
2. Vehicles
3. Radios, televisions, magazines
4. Items that promote or acknowledge illegal activity, alcohol/drug use, etc. (e.g., Budweiser t-shirt)
5. Nail polish or nail polish remover; aerosol products
6. OTC sleep-aids such as Tylenol PM or OTC stimulants such as BC Powder
7. Cell phones, computers, tablets, debit cards, I-Pads, I-Pods